EKS GO-X Zip-Off, Film Advancement, System

EKS GO-X  Zip-Off, Film Advancement, System

Fits: GOX goggles.

The EKS BRAND Zip Off’s come standard with two rolls of ultra thin film, an anti-fog coated, GOX lens to help prevent any condensation or fogging. Two Zip Off canisters, a motor side and a spool side and a moisture visor to keep dirt and wetness from penetrating under the film.The XBRAND Zip Off’s allow the rider to have nearly 35 pulls of clear vision to get through a race or a long day of riding.

Size: One Size

Part No. 067-40705



Spare parts for this product

EKS GO-X Replacement Zip-Off Roll, 12-pack. 31mm

DKK 239,00