6D ATR-1Y Avenger Graphic Helmet, White/Blue Gloss

6D ATR-1Y Avenger Graphic Helmet, White/Blue Gloss

Color: White/Blue

Part No. 11-2322


DKK 2.975,95


The ATR-1Y is the only premium helmet designed specifically for youth riders and is the ideal choice for MX or BMX competition. Incorporating all of the amazing benefits of 6D’s revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension technology, this helmet has no equal. The ATR-1Y is designed with softer multi-density EPS materials, and softer isolation dampers that offer superior protection to the child’s still-developing brain and skull. The helmet is smaller, lighter, and more compliant than the adult helmet, and is certified to both DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 2205 standards.


  • PATENTED ODS – Omni-Directional Suspension Technology
  • SHELL – A proprietary woven blend of advanced aerospace carbon fiber, composite fiberglass, and Kevlar
  • NEW “V2” VISOR – features a higher center-peak that enhances the style of the helmet while improving both durability and rider vision
  • PC HALO – Improves durability of inner EPS liner and overall performance
  • AIRFLOW MANAGEMENT – 4 intake ports, 13 transfer ports, and 4 aggressive exhaust ports
  • REAR DELTA-VENT – Aids heat transfer by scavenging air
  • COMFORT LINER – Removable and washable, utilizing Genuine CoolMax™ anti-bacterial fabric
  • ROOST GUARD – Provides additional face protection
  • STERNUM PAD – Provides added protection of the chin, jaw and sternum in the event of an accident
  • EXCEEDS ECE, DOT, and AC standards
  • WEIGHT: +/- 1,260 grams

Drawstring bag included


6D’s patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology is a fully active, in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system. Engineered to uncouple the helmet’s exterior shell from the inner EPS liner, the system effectively mitigates energy transfer to the head and brain of the rider during any given accident or impact event.

Designed and engineered for the youth rider

  • 2 separate EPS liners separated by an array of elastomeric isolation dampers
  • 3-dimensional displacement of the inner liner upon impact
  • Reduces linear and angular acceleration forces to the head and brain
  • Superior performance for low, medium, and high-velocity impacts
  • Increases ‘Time-to-Peak’ values by roughly double (lessens severity)
  • Superior airflow, heat transfer, and sweat evaporation via air-gap between layers

DIMENSIONS: 16 × 16 × 10 in

SIZE: YSM (49-50cm), YMD (50-51cm), YLG (51-52cm), YXL(52-53cm)

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